HGV Training

HGV Training is for people who are looking to kick start their carriers in HGV industry as a driver, In order to drive Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) you need to undergo special HGV training and then you can apply for full HGV licence by appearing for Theory and Practical Test from DVLA.

Good part about this industry is that you can choose your hours to work and your location, also you will be on the road most of the time, so if this is something you enjoy, then this can be for you.

However if you are not a person who can spend lot of time behind the steering wheel then you need to think carefully, also I think this my affect ones social or family life is a person in on constant move.

It is normally 5 days of HGV Training course (depending upon various options) which involves medical clearance, HGV theory Training, HGV Practical Training and tests

Generally the overall cost can be from £1200 to £3000 depending upon the type of training and various other factors. Various companies accordingly with value addition or on a discounted rate, depending upon the offer they have for the month.

Now the questions is does an individual has spare money upfront in this current market? If a person is out of job, how would he be able to afford this kind of training? I see various companies offering finance options, however they all are private finance firms with high interest rates. Is this really feasible?

After going through all the hassle of arranging money for the training course an individual is still not sure if he will pass the test or not. (In this case Mr Michael Green of Stevenage, Hertfordshire didn’t pass the test for 3 times)

Furthermore, if some clears the test, who will give them job assurance in the current job market? Where experienced people are unemployed where is the chance for new comers? However on the positive note there is number of Job opening in HGV industry and it is a well paid job.

I will keep you posted with the latest News on HGV Training Industry.